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The most beautiful, sweet natured and funny girl in the world!!! Has the biggest, brightest smile you will ever see. She will light up your life and you can't help but love her.
Did you see that gorgeous girl?
Yep - she would have to be a Milla!
by blunden February 03, 2010
means to be one lame ass random kid who totally rocks ;. it's quite the compliment to be called a milla. so be pround. ps : yeah it also means you cannot spell ;
" there goes dat milla again , bustin ass "
by Brittney April 04, 2005
A dirty russian girl who loves to fuck and drink. she often makes fun of people and is quite rude. she is a jew lover and fat ass as well. But the funny thing is that everyone loves her!
Did you see how much that milla ate?

Is she a milla cause she sure does fuck a lot!
by Holly F. January 13, 2008