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Like the snake bite before it, this delicious drink is sure to make your liver smile. First, you fill your glass half way with cider, then, using a Guinness spoon or well adjusted plastic fork, you layer your favorite milk stout on top. Voila, the milk snake is born!
Guy 1: Oh no! There's a milk snake in my boot!
Guy 2: Quick! Drink it!
by Laura the Lab Rat November 21, 2010
A Rigid Backed Spitting Penisone eyed snake
When caught playing with his milk snake Petes father told him to be carful or he would glue his eyes shut
by man naise August 29, 2004
the puple helmeted spitting crotch snake.
come get a faceful, come and ride the milksnake!!!!
by jah September 02, 2004
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