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Great Person, Just mis-understood. Trying to get out of her disney picture.Wants to go grow up a little to fast because just like any other girl she wants to do want people say she can't. Shes way better than taylor momsen
miley cyrus, way better than taylor momsen
by YouDon'tUnderstand September 23, 2010
5 23
A beautiful, 17-year old TALENTED girl who has won 10+ awards and gets hated on by people who don't enjoy anything besides their own kind of music. :)
*song playing* Everybody needs inspiration, Everybody needs a song. A beautiful melody when the nights so long...

Person 1: Who's singing this song? I like it. It's soft and catchy... Legit.

Person 2: Miley Cyrus, duh. YouTube it.
by hola. September 23, 2010
7 25
A teen super star who yes, is one of the most watched stars in a long time, but has not talent. she has gotten her name out there by being hannah montana and selling merchandise. her voice is even lower than usher's and justin bieber's combined. and she also got her name out there by making her own line of clothes WHICH she stole the style from the stores she shops at. and also being a 17 year old trying to have the life of a slutty 25 year old. and people wonder why she had a 40 year old stalker. i'm not hating on her just because she has had a bumpy road. its because of why that road is bumpy. she took the wrong path. yes she can have fun like a normal teenager almost adult would, but she doesnt have to go and spread it on the internet. and it just keeps getting bumpy....and shes also turned her good natural instrument songs into computer voice animated music. nobody deserves to hear her sing about how shes a slut and she gets a new guy in bed every week. any mom who lets there girl look up to her, see a pole in their careers!!
6 year old: o i love Miley !!!!!! oooo mommy!! i wanna play on a pole too!!

Mom: O.O no more Miley Cyrus for you!
by sqmh1017 August 10, 2010
8 27
Where do i start,

- first of all she is a role model to many kids
- attracts 6-12 year old (these kids look up to her).. they need to stop though
- if these kids look up to her they will be a stripper by the age 16, won't be a virgin at 16 either
- the show 16 and pregnant would get there own channel because they would have soooo many girls to put on it
- the future generation in life will be a disaster, by this time it won't even be needed to put on clothes.. a bra and a thong would be appropriate to go hang out in, go shopping, and much more
- it would be normal for 16 year olds to have babies at that point yes BABIESSS (see the s)
16 year old kid: mommy
mom: yesss
16 year old: i am pregnant
mom: i told you not to look up to miley cyrus
16 year old: i don't want a baby i am too young
mom: you should of listened to me
by Haterrrrrrr10011 April 20, 2010
20 39
The horseman "Death" in disguise.
Person 1: Death has come upon us like an evil Disney creation.

Person 2: Oh, you mean Miley Cyrus.
by theshadowspeakstome April 08, 2010
8 30
A pop star singer that many no-life people are jealous of because they waste their time calling her a whore
omg miley cyrus is such a whore...blah blah
by valleygirl15 April 03, 2009
37 74
A funny actress with the most hilarious facial expressions, starring in the biggest Disney Channel TV series "Hannah Montana".

She's also a singer who writes all her songs and always performs live. Her albums all debuted at #1 on the Billboard Charts. She's the youngest artist to have 3 number one albums on Billlboard.

Miley likes to use "twitter" where she is the youngest person to have over one million followers. Right now she has 1 960 996 people reading her updates.

She has won numerous awards for her acting and singing, 6 Teen Choice Awards only this year.

People like to compare her to Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, some people call Miley names and describe Selena and Demi as angels. It's only due to Miley's fame that nobody ever mentions Selena's & Demi's bikini & other racy pics, or the fact that Selena's mother was 15 when she was pregnant with Selena. Double standards much?

Miley is in 2009's Guiness Book Of World Records for being the most successful and richest teen celebrity.

She has money, looks, fame, talent, success and billions of people all over the world admiring her.
Brainless person: OMG! Miley Cyrus is such a slut.. she's got bikini pics!!!!!

Rational person: Have you ever seen 14-year-olds myspace pictures? Just because she's so famous doesn't mean we have to critisize her for being a normal girl! Growing up is hard enough without the whole world waiting for you to make a mistake.

brainless person: but OH. EM. GEE. she totally stole my man nick!! argh i hate herrrr!!

me: riiiiight.

brainless person: demi and selena are, lyke, so0o much betterrrrr!! theire gud role m0dels unlyke slutrus!!!!!

me: I love them, too, but they're far from being as famous as Miley, that's you never saw these pics... :

by LaJacqueline1992 September 16, 2009
34 73