A gorgeous hottie. Her singing may suck , but that is not relevant to her appearance.
boy- miley cyrus is hot!
by Man of Logic October 18, 2010
someone who causes young and old to weep excessively.

also a source of long-term depression.
teenage girl: omfg my boyfriend broke up with me! im so like, depressed and shit, yeah. i think i have the miley cyrus (disease)! -weeping-

elderly woman: yeah, you totally just got miley cyrus'd.
by aaarchel April 20, 2010
Im gonna FUCK Miley Cyrus
by Phillip A. Jarapoo November 03, 2009
1. Term used to describe a foursome involving a female and three males, one of whom is the female's father.

2. The large amount of diarrhea resulting from the consumption of cheap mexican or chinese food.
1. I dumped my girlfriend because she did a Miley Cyrus at the last family reunion.

2. "Dude, have you been eating that cheap mexican food again?"

"Yeah, sorry about that Miley Cyrus I left in the bathroom."
by the dirty liberal August 01, 2009
A girl that kisses another girl in one of her mini concert things performing "Can't be Tamed" to prove that she cant be tamed. She is HOT! but can also be an idiot.

The new season of Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana Forever) comes out on Disney channel soon. She is most likely to tell everyone that she is Hannah Montana because this is the last season EVER
Miley Cyrus is Hot, an idiot and loves girls!
by Singer2010 July 24, 2010
A monstocity from Japan back in WW2. She was being tested as a secret spy by acting like an annoying singing texan girl in the United States do discover the secret military action in order to gain the USA's intellegence. Sadly, the US dropped the Atomic bomb in Hiroshima during the experiment. With everyone dead, nothing could stop the horrific machine from breaking loose over Japan. With the power of Immortality, she destroyed Nagasaki (The US took the credit since we were the cool guys in ww2) with her horrible singing. the death toll was in the millions. With 2 of the most important Japanese cities destryed, she transformed into a submarine and landed in the US in 1962. 20 or so years later, she killed a baby inside a womb and called the womb her home. She was "Born" and became to be what is now knows as Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montanna
You hear the legend about Miley Cyrus?
Yeah, but the goverment said it isnt true.
God damnit im going to figure out the story beihnd Miley if its the last thing i do!
A beautiful, 17-year old TALENTED girl who has won 10+ awards and gets hated on by people who don't enjoy anything besides their own kind of music. :)
*song playing* Everybody needs inspiration, Everybody needs a song. A beautiful melody when the nights so long...

Person 1: Who's singing this song? I like it. It's soft and catchy... Legit.

Person 2: Miley Cyrus, duh. YouTube it.
by hola. September 23, 2010

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