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2 definitions by Tennesseegirl

For some idiotic reason, people seem to think Miley is a whore, fagget, clingy toned out loud-mouth, or anything else that NO ONE wants to be called. You are all just jealous of her stardom and fame and ability to sing wonderfully. Plus, you'll probably deny this. Still, it's true! Miley is a wonderrful person, she's not annoying, she's human and she has FEELINGS! She's not this little paper doll that you can bash and she won't feel a thing! She's wonderful, her family is wonderful, and her friends are wonderful. I don't know where in the world you got these retarded ideas about her being annoying, but they're fake. By the way, I'm almost 17 and you can call me a fan.
Miley Cyrus doesn't even need an example!
by Tennesseegirl July 16, 2009
One of the many heartwarming movies in Disney history. People have their own points of view on it, but mine is is that it's wonderful. It makes you strive to get to your dream, to succeed in what you do best! Demi, Joe, Kevin, Nick, and all the other actors and actresses are beautifully blessed and talented. I stand behind them even though some people don't.
Girl 1- Do you like Camp Rock?

Girl 2- Uh, yes! It's awesome!
by Tennesseegirl July 16, 2009