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A dude who is secretly in love with can openers. He swears by them and uses them to the core. All he can think about is his love for can openers and the next time he will get to use them. When separated, he cries out in pain for them. This is a true man. Hardcore to the bone.
by friendofu12 February 04, 2010
Biggest douche bags you will ever meet. They usually smell like rancid cunts.
Danny: Yo, you know a Miguel?
David: Yeah I do, he's one of biggest douche bags ever.
by Jesusa Latoya Marina June 25, 2011
a really gay kid. usually found taking a huge cock up the ass. also realated or can be named as: cum guzzler, ass pirate, dick sucking mutherfucker, salami smuggler, schlongitarian, etc. Miguel is a gay ass bitch. everyone hates him. he also has sex fantasies about having sex on a p.e. teachers desk, because he cant get any in the first place.
Miguel Sangalang is such a miguel
by bossman5020 March 29, 2011
Pussy beaner who thinks he is strong and good at wreslting but is only good at math. Likes fat cock down his throat but also enjoys anal as well.
You are so miguel.
by Miguelitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa April 04, 2010
Commonly used by the ancient Aztecs,
Meaning: - Limited in importance or significance; trivial

The word "Miguel" is also used in buy young homosexuals in East LA as a code for the rather unpleasant nocturnal activity involving a spatula, watermelon and a straw.

Most commonly a Miguel is used by prisoners serving long sentences (7 years plus) in the Mississippi correctional facilities as a release of sexual tension in order to decrease the late night shower antics and sexual harassment of the smaller and weaker residents
1. Ah..!! forget about him hes a "Miguel"

2. When i get home you better not pull a "Miguel" on me i have to byclicle to work tomorrow!!

3. Please man dont do that to me youve got your "Miguel"
by Danag boyz April 22, 2008