He can be a good friend BUT BEWARE!!!!! he is a fucking ass, he likes to play with girls! he'll lead you on and then just drop you with no warning! before you know it, he's already replaced you. His charm and they way he talks to you can easily deceive you and you feel foolish for falling for him. BEWARE of Miguel!
Miguel and i txtd all last night and it seemed like maybe we had something going but now he doesn't reply to me at all or txt me ... WTF!?!?
by from.girls.you.played May 20, 2013
A complete asshole who only cares for himself. Thinks he has power over everyone and everything. Plays girls like a deck of cards. Known to use girls for sex and cheat. His only true friends are his drugs. Will never get is head out of his ass and grow up. Never will take responsibility for what he does. Tells you he loves you but really he could careless if u got hit by a bus and died.
person 1: omg he cheated on me i never should of slept with him.

person2: sounds like a Miguel.
by bitch1 March 30, 2015
Miguel is a swag fag who denies it but deep down inside he knows it. He's conceded and always takes selfless on low key. Miguel thinks he's a thug but is the complete opposite of it! It's so sad but hilarious how he thinks this. He's obviously in denial. Miguel is a bum and nobody likes him. They're only his friend because they feel bad for him. He's pretty bomb though but pulling in ratchets left and right. He's also a horny child who needs to CHILL. Always having a boner in the morning. Overall he can be a sweet and amazing guy who can always put a smile on your face before bed. He knows how to make everything better in the end and that's all that matters.
Oh damn there is a crowd of ratchets over there!
Must be Miguel thinking he's a thug again "dragging bitches."
by ItzAnonymous June 11, 2013
A dude who is secretly in love with can openers. He swears by them and uses them to the core. All he can think about is his love for can openers and the next time he will get to use them. When separated, he cries out in pain for them. This is a true man. Hardcore to the bone.
by friendofu12 February 04, 2010
Miguel is usually a dumb person. He likes to lie and is known for being very rude. Miguel is not a friendly person.
1. "Wow, Miguel is so rude. He told Amanda that she was a brat. He's so mean."
by Love to Love You November 21, 2012
Biggest douche bags you will ever meet. They usually smell like rancid cunts.
Danny: Yo, you know a Miguel?
David: Yeah I do, he's one of biggest douche bags ever.
by Jesusa Latoya Marina June 25, 2011
a really gay kid. usually found taking a huge cock up the ass. also realated or can be named as: cum guzzler, ass pirate, dick sucking mutherfucker, salami smuggler, schlongitarian, etc. Miguel is a gay ass bitch. everyone hates him. he also has sex fantasies about having sex on a p.e. teachers desk, because he cant get any in the first place.
Miguel Sangalang is such a miguel
by bossman5020 March 29, 2011

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