it means taco in hindu
i ate a big miguel last night
by bushycoochie January 16, 2009
Sweetest guy you will ever meet. Is very gorgeous(: Wants peace, love and harmony. Somebody you don't want to get mad. Is very lovable <3 So very adorable. :D Loves hugs and cuddles. Innocent and just amazing. Best guy you will ever meet. Likes techno and alternative pop-punk :)
Miguel is who I would like to spend the rest of my life with
by Gangster_Llama August 31, 2010
Moody men who are also deep thinkers. They often appear to be careless and carefree but there is always a inner thought or opinion behind it all. They care very much about their loved ones, though they dont always displaly it. They are very intelligent at math and science, and are avid learners (when interested).

Miguel's go good with Emily's. When the two are together they are invincible. Their special bond is forever, they just seem as if they were meant to be. .....(so jealous of him)
Miguel would be just about the luckiest guy in the world, if only he could realize what a great Emily he has in his life. He should not let her go.
by hombre celoso April 13, 2010
Tall, gorgeous, smart and sensitive guy. The most amazing person on Earth. Into dogs, sports and music. Will permanently change the life of anyone that gets to know him. There is no other person as loveable as he is. Once you get to spend some time with him you will no longer be able to forget him. The person who he choses to love is one very lucky girl.
My life was completely dull until I met Miguel, and my days were all clear and sunny again.
by Arcenciel September 22, 2011
An amazing person you should never let go. They may seem like jerks, but once you get to know one you'll grow fonder and fonder of them everyday. Once you gain their trust, they would do anything for you. When one loves you, they will never forget you and do everything for you.
Damn, there is no love like Miguel.
by CrazyCheerleader February 17, 2012
loving, smart, caring, cute, strong, and goes best with marys, he tends to care about the person he is with at the time and loves to be with people Especially his loved ones
i love miguel:)
by kattiy jane October 19, 2011
A term used to address
very popular, intellegent,
and athletic Mexican individuals.

The term originated in Saint Louis
when soccer star Miguel influenced
the latino area with his charm and
athletic abilities.

Now in days since Latinos, especially
Mexicans, are highly proud of the
original Miguel they call their children
with similar characteristics by the
name Miguel.
Son you are so perfect that
you resemble a great Miguel.

Mr. Ford: Hey hows school?
Boy 1: Its going great, I just
wish it was a bit more cool.
Mr. Ford: In what sense?
Boy: In the sense that the
soccer players should be more
Mr. Ford: Thats why instead of
going to CBC you should have
gone to SLUH.
by STLChivito November 25, 2007

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