The most amazing person in the world. Very quiet, yet knows when to speak up and let you know his true feelings. When he falls in love he falls hard. The girl who gets the honor of being that person is very lucky. He always knows when you need someone there for you. He will always have your back if you're his true friend. Follows his heart and dreams - making everything he wants possible. Very very good looking. Likes the sweet nectar.

Most of all he makes me feel invincible. I love you Miguel!
I'm not sure, let's ask Miguel.
by T-Flash June 12, 2011
Miguel is the love of my life! i love him so much! he is this hott, loving guy. he will always be mine!! <333 hes a motha fuckinn monstaaa!;)

C.S + M.G = ❤
Me: hey you see that guy over there.
Her: yeah
Me: thats my miguel!<3
by xoshortyxo614 December 13, 2010
The most amazing, yet hard headed person. A really handsome guy with a jock look. Can be sweet, caring, charming, everything a girl can ask for but watch out they can also be big flirts. Which is their biggest flaw. Although they are flirty, when they find someone whom they really love and care for it is possible for them to change. He is a girl's dream guy, because he is tough on the outside yet sweet and loving on the inside. Very sensitive although he does not show it. Miguel's tend to be mean in front of others but they will recognize when they are wrong. Miguel's really go well with Karen's.
Oh How I wish I had a guy like that, he seems so inlove with her!

I know he is such a Miguel.
by Octoberlovers October 01, 2011
A sexy, amazing, perfect person.

Perfect match for Kellie.
Look at Kellie and Miguel, they're perfect for each other :D
by SiCKPUPPiES May 15, 2011
A Mexican-American that is a true and dear friend. His unselfishness is what makes his character so great. He could be distant at times but that is only because he feels like he is being ignored by his peers.
Miguel is the type of friend that is not able to go to the strip club with you but would still be willing to give you spending money.
by The Truth You Couldn't Handle October 01, 2015
One of the best people you will meet in life, very tall, handsome, smart and chases his dreams until the end
My friend is such a Miguel, all the girls want him for his grades, his looks and his fresh Beats
by swagalicious420 November 29, 2014
Popular and cool. Can sometimes be lazy but other times he is energetic. Miguel is a baller and will cross you up.
Boy 1: dang miguel is so popular and cool
Boy 2: I wish i had his basketball skills

Boy 1: Me too
by PurpleTurtle218 November 28, 2014
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