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Paying attention to things that don't really matter, to manage or control with excessive attention to minor details.
Max: I gave my boss the billing report but all he cared about was that i did it in the wrong font.
Sam: Wow, he needs to learn how to not micromanage
by Max Burch July 11, 2008
To direct or control in a detailed, often meddlesome manner. At the root of virtually all micromanagement is fear. Fear that if they don't do it, no one else will (or no one will do it as well). Fear that the organization will fail, will have horrible things happen to it. Fears about money, about bad press. When individuals behave badly it is usually because they feel their comfort or security is threatened in some way. When boards behave badly (and micromanagement is just one symptom of this), they are usually concerned about the health and safety of the organization. If you can keep in mind that boards micromanage because they care and therefore have fears and concerns, and NOT because they are power hungry control freaks, then you will be better equipped to get them to stop.
Instead of trusting his employees to do their job, Hugo micro-manages every detail - thus, ensuring the project takes longer to finish than necessary.
by DeFrog June 22, 2006
To look over the shoulders of EVERY last employee you PWN because you want to catch an employee doing something wrong.
Wow, Rick really knows how to manage people. Well, just people that can stand the constant bitching, and holier than thou attitude that Rick, the wannabe "I was a rocker, but now I'm your boss" delivers.
by me July 28, 2004
To excessively watch and control how a girl treats you during intercourse, making sure she treats you right and does her best.
"Did you get with that chick last night?"
"Yeah, but I had to micromanage her the entire time."
by 25th Drummerboy July 13, 2015
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