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Noun. Male breasts on a heay set male. Usually as a result of being overweight. Origin: based on professional golfer Phil Mickelson's ample bosom.
Check out that dude's rack. He's got a total Mickelson!
by gtbarry July 06, 2006
Noun. To choke. To lose when you could have won. To not deliver when the pressure is on. Based on golfer Phil Mickelson's innate ability to choke when the pressure is on.
Did you see Shaq pull a Mickelson and totally miss those free throws at the end of the game?
by gtbarry June 20, 2006
Another term to describe manboobs, relating to the chest of portly PGA golfer Phil Mickelson.
That guy at the beach today had some serious mickelsons.
by bradinarizona April 09, 2006
a marijuana cigarette; stems from the old term "left-handed cigarette"
We were fucked up after we lit up that Mickelson.
by Kramerica Enterprises August 03, 2006
mickelson: (mick-uhl-son) verb. var:mickelsoned, mickelsons, mickelsoning.
To gay something up, is to "mickelson" it.
ex.: He really mickelsoned that up / The clothes he wears are really mickelson.
by symkit April 16, 2010
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