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Personality: A truly amazing girl. she is funny and smart, caring and sweet, outgoing and bubbly, energetic and charismatic. a real happy go lucky person. she is a boy crazy flirt who cant help herself. but she is unlike any other person you know. she is beautiful. inside and out. she loves her friends to death. she depends on them alot. she makes the most of life and always lives in the moment, thats why everyone wants to be around her. she can make the most boring situation into one of the best, happiest moments of your life, filled with inside jokes and hyperness. she is sophisticated and beautiful. someone you would all want to get with or get to know. very picky but when she finds somethin she wants, she is persistent. she is an amazing person that you would be lucky to know. (SEE MICHAELA)

Opposite of Michael (he who speaks to g-d): she who speaks to g-d.
Boy: Mickayla is throwing a party tonight!
Girl: She is? Really!? I'm going! She's so cool.
Boy: Yeah.
by dragirl3 February 21, 2010
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Girl who makes her audience believe she is a strong believer of God. Mickaylas are good at losing weight. They may even steal boyfriend. These girls can be very good friends- just always watch your back!
Carrie: My boyfriend broke up with me for Mickayla!
John: Probably because she lost all that weight

Carrie: still makes her a whore
by Nicolol72 October 15, 2013
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