The fun to do prank of shoving your finger in anther persons nose, then jamming that slimed finger into their mouth. When administering a mick to another, it is sometimes necessary to put his head in an arm lock, for they might resist the infliction of that mick. Micks are always funner if you pre flavor the finger with something rank before inflicting it.
Wow! Mike just gave Norman a Double-Barelled Royal MICK! Gross!
by Stefonamus January 18, 2010
1:A nickname for an Italian/Irish/Polish person 2. Short for Michaela Michael Mickey Michelina or Michelin.
A really pretty girl. A Mickey. A name. A stunning girl. A really cute guy.

She is soo hott. Like Mick. Like a Mick.
Michaela is walking down the hall= Mick is walking down the hall.
by xCherishxisxaxkillax May 15, 2008
A slang term used to describe an irishman. The name originally comes from Irish Catholics naming their childern Michael. Hence the Mick
Brady & Jaxon are the true brothers Mick!!
by lilmic33 April 20, 2005
Nasty, malicious, crass, nauseating, unreadable posts to a forum.
"The Ross Show" is full of mick.
by Hilary02 November 16, 2006
To make fun off of someone or impersonate
I love taking the MICK out of celebrities
by Tasha masta January 31, 2005
A college course that is considered easy and used to boost one's grade point average. Short for Mickey Mouse, to describe something very easy, trivial, tacky, like a Disney cartoon or toy.
That music appreciation course is a mick.
by silver February 11, 2005
mick = paddy = irish niggaz

the names people used to call the irish in newyork city and when the poor irish moved there years ago.
those irish niggaz consider themselves white now. isnt that funny?
by hadi April 12, 2005

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