The Irish version of a guido. Irish-American and proud. Drinks a lot and may not have a best body but will still kick your ass. Usually not a red head like you'd think, brown or blond hair but when you see his epic beard, it is a red beard or has red in it. They often listen to Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murpheys excessively.
Guido 1: "Hey guidos and guidettes! Lets go to the club and creep!"

Guido 2: Nah man, there's some Micks there, they'd for sure kick our butts!
#mick #guido #irish #guy #cool
by A mick named The Condition November 06, 2010
A person of Irish birth or descent. Usually Disparaging and Offensive.


1870–75, Americanism; generic use of Mick, hypocoristic form of Michael
After a rowdy night of drinking, the dumb mick woke up with a tattoo of a leprechaun on his ass, a constant reminder of the shame of his origins, and the misfortune of attending an overpriced school for underachievers
#paddy #mic #englishman #teetotaler #mickey
by B.O. McStinky February 16, 2010
A freestyle biking term used to describe an exceptionally slow wheelie maneuver. esp. without the protection of a helmet.
My boys and I posted up some pics of us doing micks and endos in a warehouse parking lot the other day, and people gave us a hard time because one guy wasn't wearing a helmet in one pic. Jeez.
#mick #wheelie #motorcycle #bike #most awesomest thing evar #endo #endos #wheelies
by HobieKopek February 27, 2007
A dick , but not a normal dick . Oh no , mick is a special kind of dick. The tiny ,hairy, gross kinda dick that you only encounter once in your lifetime..
Marcus : My girlfriend cheated on me with Lucas , wow Lucas is such an ass ! He should really consider changing his name to mick.
#dick #ass #douche #mean #annoying
by Garrid March 18, 2014
An English nickname for Michael. Generally only given to someone incredibly handsome, sweet, intelligent, and modest. Sometimes you'll find the nickname used in former English colonies too.

It can be a derogatory term for Irish people, but it's not derogatory when a mate of yours says that it is his actual nickname and he isn't Irish!
"Oy, Mick is well hot!"

"Yeah, I wish I were as hot, smart, and upstanding as Mick is."
#mick #michael #mickey #mickster #mikey
by Mick is an English nickname. December 08, 2008
A mick is anybody from or about Italy.
I bet that mick is a rat.
#rat #pig #square #party pooper #punk
by ElWgepo March 04, 2015
Some one with a abnormally large dick
Hey Jim, Look at Micks dick, i would just love to stick that up my butt hole.
#mick #dick #jim #penis #large
by JimLovesMick69 April 30, 2011
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