Derogatory word for Irish people.
The origin of the word is disputed. Some beliefs are that "mick" comes from the common "Mc" in many Irish names. McSorley, McNeil, McFlannagan, ect.

Others believe its related to the sound of a drunken hiccup. I was the captain *mick* of a ship *mick* for 3 years!!

Also, Mick is the word that "spick" came from.
Irish and Hispanics are both dominantly catholic. In the 1900's when Irish immigrants had pretty much been well established, but still hated by many Americans, was also the time when many Hispanic immigrants made their entry into America. They ended up sharing our churches, schools and neighborhoods due to the catholic faith and moral values we had in common. When early retard americans saw this, they bagan calling hispanics "spicks" (Like a spanish Mick).

Mick is also used between Irish friends and relatives in a playful and joking way.
Like "Joey, you stupid mick"

Also Mick is a word that Dutchman are afraid to use, cause they know that us Micks will tear em up. Like the guy "JESSIE" who posted earlier, they only say it on the web, or when we arent around.
my cousin is one crazy mick.

That fuckin mick nailed my sister!
by Irish_Mickey March 14, 2006
Another term for faeces, poo, shit, dump, turd etc
back soon mate, just going for a Mick
by Rimardo July 15, 2010
underground Melbourne slang
verb; to vomit in the urinal at a bar. Esp. when the sheer volume of vomit clogs the drain.
"i just chucked the worst Mick ever."
"look out! he's gonna Mick!"
by Randal Leadbelcher August 22, 2007
London variation of the term Sick
Did you catch that Bruce Lee movie on TV last night it was totally Mick
by JonFidler November 25, 2010
the word is a put down of the irish by the english.they were not smart enough to master the irish language and anglisised irish names,and place names.mick is a corruption of the irish word for pig,(muick)
here comes another mick.
by sailor60 April 02, 2008
Another word for the drug Ecstasy, short for 'Mick Mills'
Clubber : 'Hey are we dropping any Micks tonight?'
by Evil-Ernie June 06, 2003
1. n. An action done with complete thoughtlessness.
2. v. To commit a mick.

Origin: "mick," truncation of "Micki," nickname for grandma (also see definition 27 for pap)
"Did that fatass take ANOTHER cupcake??? I just told her they were for Saturday's party!"
"Yeah, she's prone to micks."

"Aw, Stacy micked again! She left the back door open in the rain!"
by watz!t 2ya January 22, 2008
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