The school that no one actually likes until they realize it's the only place they are smart enough to go to college.
Birth of a Michigan State University fan:

Jared age 16: I fucking hate high school. The teachers are always riding my ass about not doing homework-I don't need to do homework because I'm so smart I'll just ace the test. I can't wait until I get into Michigan. I've been watching Michigan football since I was 5.

Jared age 17: Fuck Cindy's party. Ryan and me are taking a road trip to watch Michigan fuck Ohio up in Columbus.

Jared age 18: I can't believe I'm still waitlisted. I've already been accepted to state, but maybe there is a chance I'll get in to Michigan still. Fuck State. It’s for hicks and tards anyway. Damn it. Why did I slack off these last 4 years? If only worked harder.

Jared on Graduation Day: Fuck you Paul. I didn't get rejected from Michigan. Technically I'm still waitlisted. Besides State is an okay school and I'll probably just transfer after a year of banging State hoes. Who gives a fuck anyway--I'm just anxious to get stoned before the senior all night party.

Jared age 21: Fuck those Michigan nerds. I never wanted to go there anyway. I've been a State fan my whole life. They waste their lives studying. And finally I'm old enough to go out to the bars--sure I couldn't get laid in the frats but I'm sure my luck will change at the bar. I just have to nail the hoes when their really drunk. I'll swoop in as soon as the bouncers take them out and offer to walk her home. I know I have a test Monday but fuck it. I'm smart enough to study Sunday and ace it.
by Wolverine_2 March 08, 2011
Michigan State University is an institution that swears all of its sports teams are the greatest in the world when they are mediocre at best. Their chants at football games are unintelligent often boasting of the other teams love for male genitalia. (Mad props to the douche bag fratboy that could come up with something that creative) The football team can't seem to stay out of jail. The school motto for some is "Smoke Green, Snort White." It takes 17 hours to make it to class because the campus is so goddamn big. 1 in 3 girls have succumbed to an STD at some point in their MSU career, with the remnants floating down the Red Cedar. I would advise to not let your kids swim in there. Michigan State students think Michigan students are snobby, but when it comes down to it they need to look in the mirror and realize that most of them are just trying to compensate for shortcomings in high school. Half the students are rich suburbanites imported from north Chicago.The only good thing about East Lansing is Tom Izzo. Michigan State students think that their university is "the best" but you should probably consider going to Michigan or Central.
The last three times i went to Michigan State University i got suckerpunched by some doucher!
by thedude29-27 August 28, 2010
Where University of Michigan students visit their dumber loser friends.
Guy 1: Remember Eddie. The three of us used to run shit in our high school.
Guy 2: Ya man, I haven't seen him since high school. He's wanted me to come up for quite a while now.
Guy 1: Is he graduating this year.
Guy 2: Naw man its Michigan State University; he screwed around and doesn't have the grades to get a good job. I think he's just going to ride out the recession and try to get that kick ass manager job at Arby's when things improve.
Guy 1: Don't worry man, he'll have a MSU business degree.

Everybody laughs
by I_Go_To_Michigan._You_Don't. June 28, 2010
The bronze medal of Michigan. No matter how you spin it this school is worse than Michigan--the gold Medal of the state. The boys are dumb and act like wiggers. The girls are pretty but very very stupid. These kids wanted to go to Michigan their whole lives, but then they got what us "rodents" never receive--a rejection letter. State students should get used to seeing a lot of these. It is more of a party school--I guess. But it gets old fast when you realize the only thing to do is to drink beer from a red cup at a party where you can't even move. Get used to beer pong, because that is all there is to do there. Michigan on the other hand has, parties, a far better bar scene, and museums. Plus its in Ann Arbor so there is always some cultural event. East Lansing just has the shitty bar known as Rick's. Also the water tastes like crap for some reason. The only advantage to State is that its football and basketball teams are beating ours at the moment. Then again if you think that is a real advantage your a moron. Sports teams go up and down all the time. I hope its a big comfort for you state kids when its time to get my coffee.
Dad on son's day of birth: My son is a Michigan boy all the way. He's going to get a michigan cradle, a Michigan blanket, and a miniature Michigan outfit.

Son at age 16: Oh boy me and my Dad are going up to Michigan today. We've been going to the Big House for the Michigan v Michigan State game ever since I can remember. I can't wait until I finally get to Ann Arbor.

Dad when son is 18: My son screwed around and ruined his future. I have to smile and pretend like I'm so proud he's going to Michigan State University. But to be honest I'm jealous of your son Bob; can you please tell me what it feels like to watch that packet arrive knowing that the last 18 years payed off and that your son is accepted to Michigan?

Son at 19: No man, you don't even understand. I never wanted to go to Michigan; I've been a state man my whole life. You see Michigan kids don't live their life. While they're studying I'm here taking a piss on Sigma Chi's dumpster drinking a beer and living my life. Ya the cops here aren't as cool so i have to hide my beer, and ya the beer isn't free; but the grinding on random girls here is so much better than the grinding at Ann Arbor.

Son at 26: I know I'm going to graduate next year. Besides I can't leave until I lose my virginity. Plus I want our football and basketball to be number one again. Who knew Michigan would get good so fast. Its not as if sports teams get better and worse randomly all the time--oh wait they do.
by Wolverine_of_Ann_Arbor March 05, 2010
There are two types of people who attend Michigan State University:

1. People who were, quite frankly, too stupid to get into the University of Michigan


2. People who are happy to be there because, quite frankly, they couldn't get into anywhere else

Type 1 will often ramble on and on about how bad U of M "sucks", and will often try to fabricate reasons for why this is true. Type 1 will claim that U of M is "overrated" for undergraduate studies while ignoring our business, engineering, and LSA schools (top ranked in the country no matter how you spin it), our direct placement into great jobs after graduation, and our placement into top graduate, medical, and law schools across the country after graduation.

Type 1 will often argue that MSU is the place to go if you want to party. OK. U of M is the place to go if you want a GOOD job. Michigan graduates will secure jobs with firms in NYC, LA, and Chicago. MSU grads STAY in Michigan.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 truly believe in a rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State, which Michigan students will refuse to acknowledge simply because they already KNOW they're better.

Michigan State students are not taught to love Michigan State--they're taught to hate the University of Michigan. What you get is a school of bitter idiots who party so much in order to drink away the pain of rejection from one of our nation's great universities.
"Dude, U of M sucks for undergrad. Our girls are so much hotter."

"Dude, I'd rather spend my college years having fun than go to Michigan and study all the time."

"Uh, yeah...I got into Michigan, but, uh...yeah...I saw how they studied so I was like 'FUCK THAT'."

"Michigan State University is comparable to the likes of Stanford, Berkeley, Yale, Michigan, and Carnegie Mellon. People just don't know it yet!"
by Zizu March 14, 2007
a) Inferior college.
b) For those who did not get into the University of Michigan.
c) for those with a gpa of 2, and SAT score of 400.
Mike attended Michigan State because he was not smart enough to be accepted to The University of Michigan
by Michigan College Rankings January 17, 2005
A university in East Lansing, Michigan. Mostly for the bitter students who did not get into U of M. 90% of the students are arrogant assholes from small towns in Michigan. They all dress the same too with that stupid as hell fugly North Face jackets. Most of the guys are unattractive, pretentious wannabe jocks or frat brothers. A lot of the girls are raging whores with bad fashion senses leading them into Wet Seal. There are the minorities who are chill or plain annoying and loud. There are wannabe scensters and farmers. This place is stupid- avoid it like the plague. I went there so i know what I am talking about.

Maybe there is something in the water, considering it taste like shit.

On the plus side there some reefer madness.
MSU is loaded with hicks. YEE HAW!
by Marissa624 August 06, 2005
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