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(1) A shitty University in Pittsburgh full of nerds, tools, rich fucks, arrogant bastards, and ugly people.
(2) Place where students pay 35k a year to study endlessly, get absorbed in debt, and end up paying student loans for 10 years.
Fuck Carnegie Mellon
by I hate carnegie October 02, 2003
Carnegie Mellon: everything you have read up to this point is absolutely true :)

Good Food, Great Friends, Slammin Babes!
Nerd1: Thank God I'm gonna be rich so I can buy my girl one day
Nerd2: Yeah, I've always wanted a Dell

Nerd1: Dude, she's hot
Nerd2: Dude, she's a visitor

Nerd1: How bout her?
Nerd2: Definitely a 4 out of 10. . . too hot for Carnegie Mellon
#carnegie #mellon #girls #nerd #computer
by davidtepper October 12, 2007
hit with an ugly stick
person 1- wow, look at that ugly bitch!
person2- poor ho must have gotten carnegie melloned.
#cmu #carnegie mellon university #pittsburgh #celibacy #computers
by ilovemilk October 16, 2006
One of the top universities in the US, famous for geeks, computers, and free-range robots.
I failed my SATs, but hey, we can't all go to Carnegie Mellon.
by your school sucks February 15, 2005
A prestigious university established in 1900 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, famous in the fields of engineering, robotics, and computer science. Known to have a lot of nerds, geeks, Jews, and Asians - this is a nerd school. Tuition is ridiculously high, but most of CMU graduates end up making 6-digit salaries after landing a job.

Generally speaking, both the girls and guys in CMU are rather unattractive and socially awkward. The CFA (College of Fine Arts), however, is a different story. Those girls are hot.
Girl 1: "With the student body ratio being 65% male, a girl's gotta have it great."
CMU Girl 2: "Nah, not really, the odds are good but the goods are odd."
CMU Girl 3: "Welcome to Carnegie Mellon."

CMU Guy 1: "Man, all these fugly engineering and computer science girls in my classes make me wanna turn gay."
CMU Guy 2: "Nah, there's hope, here comes that cute design chick..."
#carnegie mellon #university #randy pausch #asian #jew
by Pittsburghing December 19, 2008
Carnegie Mellon University, formerly Carnegie Tech, is one of the most prestigous universities in the world. The Tepper School of Undergraduate Business was recently ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the second best undergraduate business school in the world as well as in the United States. In addition, the school's engineering and computer science programs continually rank in the top three in the country.
:Sarah is going to be attending Carnegie Mellon in the fall.
:Wow, she must be incredibly smart and ugly.
#carnegie mellon #cmu #carnegie mellon university #cit #carnegie #andrew carnegie
by Exp November 30, 2006
University. est. 1900
generally referred to as CMU see em you
connotation: instant status/six fig salary maker
"Chandra went to CMU? DAMN she gonna be rich"
by hottstuff March 28, 2005
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