When you realize someone is the most talented, sexiest, cutest, most caring, most misunderstood man on the planet and your heart is broken because you will never meet him
I just fell in love with a wonderful man I can never have – I’ve been Michael Jackson'd!
by Moonbeamer One November 15, 2012
Top Definition
Awakened to the reality of a world that needs fixing: understanding that you have a part in healing the world through caring, humanitarian works and LOVE. Becoming a part of the solution to the world's problems.
Goodness, truth, michael jackson are all examples of being Michael Jackson'd.
by PY Love and Peace October 24, 2012
Verb: To be infected with a rare emotion and sense of love and caring for the entire planet Earth....this includes man, animals and vegetation. To be Michael Jackson'd is to be the healing answer to a dying planet.
"In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in 2012, many folks helped with clean-up efforts because they were Michael Jackson'd."
by PY Love and Peace November 15, 2012
You feel a burning desire to make this world a better place because of your love and admiration for Michael Jackson and his global humanitarian work...you've been Michael Jackson'd
After listening to Michael Jackson's song, Heal The World, I felt compelled to volunteer my time helping out at the community shelter for needy people. It's a very rewarding feeling to be able to give to those who have nothing. I was totally Michael Jackson'd!
by Moon-Child October 31, 2012
When you can't keep your seat
cause your dancing feet
are addicted to the beat
body's popping to the heat
of the monster thrilla beat
you've been Jackson'd complete!
The men and women at the club who were Michael Jackson'd
took over the dance floor with their electrifying moves and their rendition of the Thriller dance!
by Joy Dancer December 10, 2012
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