The Miata is a vehicle manufactured by automaker Mazda. It's a sporty coupe with an excessively feminine design.

Miata drivers are typically Japfags who, when not jerking off to anime, rage on the internet about how much they hate SUV drivers for having large vehicles and therefore being able to see them, when in reality no one can see them because no one positions their mirrors to see go karts.

They argue that they are allowed to drive a feminine vehicle because it handles well, when in reality their are plenty of cars that handle as well, and better, in the same price range.
Dude, why are you driving a chick car with a dildo for a stick shifter?
Shut up, dude! Miatas are the best!
Then what about the Hello Kitty seats and the fact you lost the race to a fucking Suburban?
by eyaare June 28, 2012
mini-reatta. As gasoline became more and more scarce, the larger, thirstier Reattas became extinct, but the smaller, more efficient miatas survived.
The Buick Reatta is a 2 seat luxury car. The miata is a 2 seat econocar. But the Corvette is a 2 seat sportscar. Nevertheless, NOTHING does 90's and 180's like a Fiero!
by Dr. Phil Rupp June 02, 2006
A car preferred by middle aged women when they have their own mid-life crisis of sorts.

It handles pretty well too.
My mom got sick of the toyota and got a Miata because she wanted something cute and sporty.
by gooberliberation March 18, 2006
A "cute" tiny convertible geared towards women, homosexual men and silverdomes trying to relive the youth they once had in their Triumph or MG. See silverdomes, Go, Zoom zoom
She thought he was hot until she found out he drives a Miata
by netteach March 14, 2003
B.L. Zebop said that the miata is "Arguably the best handling car on the road today". That's incorrect. It's a well known fact that the Porsche 944 has always been known to have the best handling. Get your facts straight.
The mazda miata is a poor man's sports car.
by Chewy October 22, 2004
car mostly drove by FAGGOTS
OMG.. did u just see Elton John go by in that Miata!!!

DuDe ThatS WAK!
by aksle August 05, 2005
see pos; crapping car; waste of money
man: Look at that wack ass Miata.
women: Yea thats a POS.
by J 0 K A January 22, 2005

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