1) a slightly modernized Spanglish speaking Latin American country embedded into the continental US.
2) has probably the worst educational system in US.
3) people at work eager to finish the workshift to go partying at nightclubs.
4) has people that denegate their roots and pretend to be more american than even native gringos--even get offended if talked to in ther native Spanish language!
5) the place where you see the greatest number of american flags in cars, but the majority of population is of Latin American origin.
6) one of the poorest cities in the US, high crime, some gangs, extremely bad customer service.
7) lots of wicked auto mechanics, lots of bosses that don't give raises to their employees and contribute to the overall powerty.
8) people see themselves as great as the car they drive.
9) girls are hot and use lots of silicone to reshape nature's will.
10) new generations only listen the shitty Rap "music" and street-race a lot endangering other people's lives.
11) properties are extremely high, cost of living skyrocketing, impossible to live.
12) lots of cubans from all walks of lifes, intergenerational differences.
I went to Miami, ordered some pizzas, took 2 hours for them to be ready. When driving to pick them a m.f. young dude street racer hit me in the back (of course he ran away). Took the car to a mechanic, after 2 weeks of waiting the mechanic said I needed to replace the transmision.
by cubanoTeacher December 09, 2005
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The city to be if you want to get your shine on. Best food, nightlife, shopping; Miami is just too throwed. Home of the famous people that come to Miami to get their party on.
Miami is the city where everybody livin large and making paper.
by DADE COUNTY 305 June 27, 2004
Miami is the city that you love to hate.
Its the city that you hate to be a part of and proud to say your from.
Its the city with the poorest hoods and the richest mansions.
Its they city that scares you to be in and love every part of.
Its got nightlife and parts that will end your life at night.
Miami is the gateway to and from the US.
Miami is (form: South Beach, Coral Gables, North Miami Beach to: Liberty City, Carol City, Little Havanna).
Miami is the home of D-Wade, and Shaq.
Miami is da shit, but let's not get shot.
by Ollec July 07, 2006
The largest Cuban city in the world after Havana.
Miami is the city that Cubans built.
by mantell August 11, 2006
A pretty, humid, and exciting city in South Florida that has much diversity and culture. Miami is also best-known for being the Disneyland for party animals (South Beach).
Guy 1: I'm surrounded by Cubans and whatnot.
Guy 2: We must be in Miami!
by Kyle January 29, 2005
The city where everybody knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody
I know a person in Miami that can do it up
by Tiz305 October 20, 2004
1)Miami = place the rest of the country/ world wishes they could live
2)Miami = very few people know how to properly drive, yet everyone will talk to you as if they are experts
3)Miami = so much stuff to do that you don't know where to begin
4)Miami = coolest city in Florida
5)Miami = everyone wants a Republican in office to lower taxes on the rich, to then blame tax increases on the Democrats who don't have anything to do with local politics
6)Miami = better than your city
1)Man, I'm going to Miami this summer!

2)(Driving at 80mph, talking to you on a cell phone) Man, I'm on the Palmetto, and let me tell you people are idiots! They're indicating and swerving left and right through their lanes; hold on, I have to cut-off 4 cars to get off on this exit

3) A) What are you doing tonight?
B) Concert, football game, movies, beach, clubs, friend's getty, or trip to the keys?? TOO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM!

4) (Teenager in Pensacola) Man, I wish we were more Miami-ish. (Redneck father, playing banjo) Wudjuw sai? Gadamnit, if ya wuna leive, den wuhy dun'tcha? Gudfo nutin' udiot!

5)I just can't believe we don't have a sufficient number of police officers, fire rescue, and staff at Jackson Memorial Hospital! I must call Nigel on his GPS-Satellite phone, he's in Barbados for the weekend, Timothy. Hello, Nigel, can you believe those Democrats in Washington screwed us over again? No, no I'm not drunk. No, no I'm not in the helicopter. Okay, now I'm in the helicopter. Talk to you tomorrow.

6) Miami is so much better than us (said by resident of any other city).
by Juanito Papitolindo May 27, 2005
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