1. to be big and slow
2. big and slow to change
3. unadaptable and quite top-heavy
hurry up, stop being so getty
(mainly used by employees/clients of getty images)
by kaose themata April 26, 2008
Some good weed that makes you chief on the first hit.
"Damn Josh This shit is some GETTY"
by Bevass July 20, 2005
another way to say the word ghetto with the same meaning.
dude, i was over on the west side of town and it was so getty.
by muf-fin August 15, 2009
An image that looks like ones tipically found into image bank sites (mostly showing people acting like they're naturals).
"-What's the problem with this illustration? Doesn't it fit to the ambiance we want to suggest?
-Yeah it totally fits, but it looks a bit getty.. Try with one more fresh..
by wi2b February 17, 2009
1: A guy student that's pretty much Alpha Male in the most submissive way possible.
2: the angriest man on earth.
3: Has a ring that gives him a +10 to all convincing rolls
"Dude, why you gotta hate?"
by WeZil November 08, 2004
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