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This is similar to the concept of a Metro-sexual (Gay acting Straight Man) where a Metro-Lesbo is a straight looking lesbian. This is a lesbian who clearly defies traditional lesbian style.
A femme girl wearing heels, skirt, and stylish tops who is often mistaken as straight but is in fact is queer as Santorum is gross.

"Hey, check out that fag hag on the dance floor....wait, I know her, she's not straight, she is a metro-lesbo"
by AteaVey January 19, 2012
Chicks who think that dressin in boy clothes or like dykes and cutting thier hair like the bad actresses on "The L Word" is cool. They don't skate,, they just hang out with emo boys who do skate or pretend to skate,, sometimes they don't even look like girls at all,, but they date boys who look like girls and make the boys they are date look like fags!!!
simple plan groupies
by Lisa F Star June 17, 2005