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Probably the most mazing girl you will ever meet. Meryems live mostly amongst the clouds and although at first they may seem hard to approach once you get to know them a Meryem is an awesome person that will bring joy to your life and definitely make your life much more exciting. She will help you achieve a level of happiness that you never thought was possible. Gorgeous, smart, kind, a Meryem is someone you will always want on your side. Someone you can easily rely on and fall in love with. Meryems are hard to come by and when you find one you can consider yourself a very lucky person because not many people are fortunate enough to meet one.
Person J: Whos that one cutie over there listening to the ipod on blast and walking around like shes the business?

Person K: Dude thats Meryem shes cute, smart, funny and pretty much perfect.
by muffineater! August 18, 2010
Gorgeously exotic nerd.
DUDE 1: Damn, didn't that hottie win the science fair last year.
DUDE 2: Yeah, her name is meryem
by rockitbabyyeahyeahyeah February 23, 2010
Someone who Defines Awesomeness in a very Nerdy way
"He is a total meryem, he built a robot that can read dreams, and now he is working on building a spaceship !"
by Groovyway February 20, 2010

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