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Term used for people or persons who are into books, computers, ect. and are unbeleivably attractive.

The new sexy
Emily is incredibly nerdy in the library.
#sexy #hot #smokin #bangin #dorky
by Mikey FNA October 16, 2007
i like being nerdy sometimes
#studious #book worm #reader #nerd #learner
by cool_nerdy August 08, 2015
One of the best Poison the Well songs.
One of my fav song off of Opposite of December is Nerdy.
#poison the well #nerdy #opposite of december #song #hardcore song
by SantyPants November 27, 2007
A person who has one or more of the following attributes:

1) Has a hard drive that is 40gb or larger
2) Use pick up lines that references the size of his or her hard drive
3) Enjoys performing Net Send shenanigans
4) Thinks that SQL injection is more rad than sex
5) Loves them some Linux
6) The only naked women that they have seen is via internet porn.
Roger is turbo nerdy, he luvs getting ghetto on people via IRC chat.
#nerd #suge knight #jedi knight #jimminy cricket #jehovah's witness
by hax0red_my_maracas April 29, 2006
Nerdy is an educational service for students studying in Germany which helps them cope with their college life by providing tutoring sessions, proofreading of their papers, book delivery, and other services related to their education.
If you're stuck with you paper, ask Nerdy to help you.
by Inspiratunity May 02, 2016
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