The sound a small dog makes to get attention; also used by humans attemtping to communicate to their dogs.
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
rejected, denied, shut down
yo i t.oed this g and she merfed me like a shemp. look up shemp and t.o.
by Armenian GOD April 17, 2003
A sound of sadness, depression, or arrogance. Usually used in a "Facebook" status.

Bob Smith: Merrrrf =(


Jim: Hey Fred, whats wrong?
Fred: I feel Merf-y today :/

sad Depressed =( : :(
by Kamenosuke August 17, 2010
noun: any word, topic or object which would score very high on the merf scale
I don't know why it took Bob so long to figure out why "foot long hot dogs" are a total merf.
by jhimm April 16, 2004
One word most people will say, "Hey that's my word!" or "I made that word up!"

Sometimes used as meh.

Used to show confusion.
Math Teacher: M times(3+489 to the 76th power) times IDT divided by E, times the square root of RM to the 32nd power...

Students #1, #3, #10008: WHAAAAAT?
Student #2: merf.
Hermione-like student: M+I+D+T+E+R+M!
All other students: Groan!
Loki: *sets school on fire*
by Loki January 14, 2004
the act of jumping off of the middle floor of a building.
I cant take nemore of these damn muffins, im gonna merf yo!
by heebie jeebie March 05, 2003
A word made up in 2001, it was initially used in the Neopets RP forum and spread around the site before spreading to sites like avidgamers.

More or less a word to say when you have nothing else to say. Similiar to "sneh" and "nyeh."
"So, do you understand?"
"Merf. x_o"
by calymne November 18, 2004

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