Merf: V. 1. To choke someone out 2. To smother someone
A: Did you about that wrestler?
B: Oh shit yeah, Chris Binoit. That psycho merfed his kid.
by Phil Good August 20, 2007
Vommiting from the comsumption of too much Marijuana.
Bill smoked three bowls and a blunt and totally merfed man.
by March 29, 2007
a substitute for the word cool, since it kinda gets old after a while.
Man, that bitch was so fucking merf in bed. hot damn.
by Richard Heymann March 17, 2006
To make a mistake. The term results from the step-by-step transitioning as follows:

1. Fucked up
2. Muffed up
3. Merfed up

Also, a slurring of "motherfucker" which can be used in polite public.
After erasing a large data file from his computer, Tony's friend said, "Dude, you merfed up big time!"
by S. D. Plissken March 25, 2005
1. an utterance of exertion upon lifting a large, awkward object.
2. an utterance of exhaustion upon the dropping of a large, awkward object.
1. with a mighty cry of "merf!" he heaved the dishwasher onto his shoulder.

2. "merf." she sighed after dropping the engine onto the garage floor.
by kita June 08, 2004
shows slight dissapointment and annoyance. mostly used online and not accualy said.
"sorry, i lost your pen that i was going to return."
by Looscannon April 12, 2004
"Narf" + sighing, or a remark meaning you are confused.
Merf! That was a long day's work!
by Zeldapika November 09, 2003

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