1.(noun)A very attractive female that is very obnoxious and annoying.
1. That bitch is hot yo.
Ya...to bad she's a merf.
by Govi Banks March 28, 2005
The act of two men finding a dead woman that has been dead for a month then one man eats her out while the other pushes on her stomache to push her guts out onto the other man face.
Hey man lets get drunk and go merf that chick we ganked last month
by Jon Erwin March 08, 2006
masturbation eventually regrows fingers.
kelly: MERF!!!
Ali: wow kelly. you're gross.
by AliFabulousShe May 02, 2008
Antonym of "merp," indicating disappointment, anger, unhappiness, frustration, etc.

A sreyaism.
"Sreya, have you done your econ hw yet?"
by Shen November 21, 2004

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