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Menno usually describes a guy who is very sweet. He often has blonde hair and blue eyes and is VERY tall. Menno's are excellent at maths and are very smart in general. They also have excellent taste in girls and are very sexy. They tend to have a lot of swag and are always fun to be around.
Girl 1: Wowww, who's that sexy tall guy?

Girl 2: Oh, he's definitely a Menno.

Girl 3: It's too bad he has a girlfriend...
by HELMO-FTW October 16, 2011
True meaning is 'Strong'. The name is originally from Holland (The Netherlands).

Another word for 'cool' or 'awesome'. This usually affects a guy named Menno too, because he is very cool (or awesome afcourse).
''Wow, he's so cool!''
''Yea, it's a typical menno''
by gertrudis4lifexD April 19, 2010
A word to describe an act such as leaving your friends for a female person.
"Dude, don't you pull a Menno on me!"
by Lozertjuh April 26, 2007
Short for mennonite which is a person who is part of a religion that says they should be seperate from the world. There are lots of these around Wellesley Township in Ontario Canada. Some of the types are:
-David Martin
-Old Order
-New Order

Most of these mennos are hallarous cause they are funny and use un-forgetable expressions such as oya once
"Hey whos all coming Turkey catching tonite?"
"oh, its me and a bunch of mennos"
by C-Lub Ndawg January 08, 2005

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