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Equivalent to cool, awesome, groovy, and radical, 'Meniscus' is all that and more. This ought not be confused with the curvature when measuring liquid in a graduated cylinder or the crescent-shaped cushiony tissue in your knee-cap.

NO, Meniscus is the hip, new word of the future present and present future. In all meniscusness, will this word forever reign.
"Dude I just got a new car!"
"Dude! That's meniscus!"
"I punched some guy in the ear cause he had pimples."
"That's so not meniscus. Go apologize you unmeniscus jerk."
Meniscus? lol. Meniscus. ftw.
by Menicus to the Max October 24, 2010
the foamy froth of pooled semen in a girl's bellybutton
i pulled out and came on her belly so she wouldnt get pregant; that shit left a meniscus
by Petras January 23, 2010
1. A cartilage substance in joints, made to protect the joints during movement and strain. It can be meant in several different joints, but mostly it is referred to in the knee, as that is the most commonly injured.

2. A phrase sometimes yelled by dumbasses when they are hurt or pretending to be hurt.
1. Kyle was taken out of the game when he tore his Meniscus.

2. Agh! I tore my Meniscus!!
by Kylster November 27, 2005
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