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A woman weighing in excess of 200 pounds.

Term originates from former major league baseball player Mario Mendoza's batting average (~.200 lifetime). His batting average, referred to as "the Mendoza line," was basically the cut off for mediocrity. In terms of slang, a Mendoza is a woman who meets or surpasses the 200 lb line.

This term can be positive as well as condemning. When hogging, a Mendoza is essentially a bona fide target. For any other social situaton, Mendozas are generally feared and avoided.
Guy1: "She's a definite Mendoza, pushing 260"
Guy2: "Fuck. You're going to out-Hog me."


Guy1: "I barely avoided the Mendoza at the bar last night. She would have crushed me and ruined my self-esteem."
by 733Crew May 03, 2007

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