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Predictable beings; species that never change (or evolve).
Good guys/men have the same intention as bad boys.
by ladynz April 24, 2008
Someone whose phobia is sperm.
I'm so spermaphobic that I have to be on the pill, have the guy wear 2 layers of condoms when having sex. And when he ejaculates, he has to pull out, and then the next morning I have to get my next-day morning pill A.S.A.P.
by ladynz April 24, 2008
The system that challenges and drains your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical abilities. Basically, it's the Devil of the Earth that we have to fight and consume to qualify us as imperfect beings.
They say communism is only good in theory, well so is capitalism.
by ladynz April 24, 2008
An adjective that describes your face.
You're funny!...looking.
by ladynz April 24, 2008

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