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helmet/facemask used in kendo.
Last practice, I tied my men wrong, and so I completely cut off the circualtion to my brain, and nearly fainted.
by Eiliries August 20, 2005
Protective gauntlets used in kendo.
The palms of my new kote are made of smoked deer skin, so they smell like a week-old ashtray.
by Eiliries August 20, 2005
verb. To kill a person with an excessive amount of bullets, this is usually done by associates of a crime syndicate who wish to send a message to those who would cross them. The action itself is done by pointing a gun (preferrably automatic) at the victim, and squeezing the the trigger while moving ones hand up and down, left and right, spraying bullets into the victim like it's 1929.
Did you hear what happened to Dutch Schultz when he angered Banana-Nose Maldonado? Maldonado had the Teacher and some of his boys cowboy him.
by Eiliries September 03, 2005
chest armour used in kendo
my sensei hit me with a wicked gyaku-do! He missed my do, and now my ribs are the color of ripe plums!
by Eiliries August 20, 2005

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