Equivalent to whatever. Emphasize put onto the M.
"I dont have any money"
by Alison Rose December 09, 2004
To express utter detachment or disinterest; to indicate something is worthless.
Sorority Girl: "Ohmigod! Like, that guy just looked at my thighs and it was like, I just knew he thinking, like, god she's fat! I so need a mimosa!"

Normal Person: "Meh."
by teacup December 02, 2004
It means to not care, or it also means that you have no idea of anything.
S what do you what to do......Meh.
Why do you keep saying that? Meh.
What is wrong with you? Meh.
I hate you. Meh.
by Hellfirefighter October 21, 2004
Short for my erection hurts
O man...thinking about her...meh.
by ATM October 09, 2004
A sound uttered at any given time, usually during short periods of silence. A great ice breaker and stress reliever.
"Right after the professor said not to talk during the exam, Brandon let out a meh.
by Sammy Quoe April 22, 2004
The sound made by a sheep.
Person: Meh!
Person 2: Dude! Are you a sheep?
by Annoymonous April 03, 2004
expression of opinion as alright or not so good
Meh, it wasn't that good.
by Eric March 07, 2004

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