The word 'meh' is used either when one does not have a fucking clue or when one doesn't fucking care about the subject.
Q: Hey Iain, you want to go get a drink later?
A: Meh (accompanied with or without shrug of the shoulders)

Q: Hey dude, u know when the footy is on?
A: Meh (accompanied with or without shrug of the shoulders)
by Iain Stuchbery March 03, 2005
meh, in short is the best word ever... can be used as an exclamation, an explanation, a show of disrespect, or anything else...
nerd, to me: "I just humped someone last night"
me: "MEH!!! that's crazy... wierd... seriously, that's just freakish"
someone else: "how'd you manage that?"
me: "meh..."
my mom: "go to your room!"
me: "meh..."

"omg meh!!!!!!!!!"
by The Ownage February 24, 2005
Canadian slang for 'oh well'.
Meh, I didn't like it anyways.
by Jeffrey February 06, 2005
meh = what ever.....
jak: *emits a blood curdeling scream
zak: (playing grand theft auto pluto on jaks ps4000) ...
jak: dude, i just blew my arm off, theres blood everywhere!!
zak: meh
by El_Paco February 04, 2005
Meaning one or all of three things listed; Sex, Chocolate, and Ice Cream
I could really go for some meh right now.
by Pokeon February 01, 2005
Meh is a spoken interjection to clarify a moment of apathy.
Person 1: Did you see what was on last night?!
Person 2: Meh.
by Sensae January 09, 2005
Equivalent to whatever. Emphasize put onto the M.
"I dont have any money"
by Alison Rose December 09, 2004

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