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3 definitions by n00binat0r

German for "my part" (referring to genitals), quite cool to slip into the odd sentence. Rammstein song... try typing "making of mein teil" into google video... then you shall understand.
"mein teil is itchy" "tmi, ming man"
by n00binat0r July 10, 2006
Best ever way of saying that you dont care / mind , can be used in almost any sentence.
"how are you today?" "meh"

"is it a boy????" "meh"

"your smelly and i hate you" "meh"
by n00binat0r July 10, 2006
type "video" into google, noob! honestly...
"i am a noob because i did'nt know what google video meant"
by n00binat0r July 10, 2006