To denounce mockery
"That chicken looks well meh"

"i've lost, oh meh"
by Ian "Benton" Page June 15, 2003
Word used by lazy dumbasses who feel like making little to no effort in expressing what they are feeling, also the term people use when asking for a kick in the throat.
"Why did you switch the channel? I was watching Courage the Cowardly Dog!...oh yeah your wrist are bleeding over your black clothing."
"me---uh..."(passes out dead
by GoForkYourself June 02, 2003
random word, defined as "i suppose" "I don't know", "i can't be bothered to speak at the moment", or in place of words like "er" and "um"
"So, what do you think of the world famine problem that's been going around of late?"
by AlternativeFreak January 30, 2003
A word that is used when you want to piss someone off, or you just want them to think your a dumbass.
Could you please take out the trash?
Why the hell won't you listen to me?
by Spaz November 09, 2002
a term to designate when a person doesn't really give a shit
"hey, my cat died" "meh"
by Marcus J August 07, 2006
Used to express disgust, distaste and being generally fed-up with something in particular, or simply the world in general. The level of emphasis given to the word is an indication of how stongly annoyed the speaker is.
Tutor: Can you get this piece of work done by Friday instead of Monday?
Pupil: Of course.
Pupil (inwardly, or later, to friend): Meh, where am I supposed to find the time to do that?
by Elea March 04, 2006
Rejoinder to a deemed outrageous question posed to someone /an alleged fact about some. Surprised response.
A: We all have to go to that meeting - you are going right?
B: Meh!
by K Kramo February 03, 2006

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