a term generally used to avoid answering a question. Or to fill a void. Founded by Timathy Garett.
Q. Are we close friends?
A. meh...
by Squirrely *wink* March 29, 2005
Below average...bad.
or as a general term for "don't care"
Example 1
"How're you feeling?"

Example 2
"What would you like to drink?"
by Steven March 23, 2005
Means you do not know or care and more or less can not be bothered.
Sonalie: Are you going to do your art homework?
Krystal: Meh
by Sonalie March 14, 2005
When you dont really care or dont know how to answer someone. Or if you are just trying to annoy someone.
Have yo got my maths book


Get lost!!
by sergio22 March 03, 2005
A word used meaning medeocre or i dunno.
Person 1 - "How you doin"

Person 2 - "Meh"
by Brooker February 02, 2005
an expression used to describe a feeling of sadness. It is most commonly used when one has nothing else to say in a conversation not in his/her/its favor.
Kevin replied, "meh." when I told him that i created this slag word.
by iRiNA PoPoV December 02, 2004
A word invented AND copyrighted by Neil Klug. Shows unsureness or the idea of not really giving a shit.
"Wanna go hump a dog?" - "Meh..."

"Hey sexy! Wanna make out?" - "Meh..."

"Hey Neil, Wanna come over to my house?" - "Meh..." (That's a real one that me and Neil had)

by Michael Edwards October 24, 2004

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