Pretending you don't care when really you do.
"I'm going out with some other people, is that ok with you?"

by bl00k June 01, 2006
To say: so, so what, who cares, or I don't care.
Chelsea: Mike how was your day? Mike: Meh.
by XLuciana April 26, 2006
I use it as a 'sigh' most often. Or an exclamation of helplessness or substitute for "Gawd...".

But mostly I use it in the same context as the rest of the world
eg. "Meh. I'm so damn tired..."

"I don't know what to wear 2day. Meh!"

"Meh! I'm gonna be late for work!!"

Friend - "So what time you wanna meet?"
Me - "Meh"
by Venus Envy March 31, 2006
This word is in all teenagers' vocabulary. If not known, is easily picked up and used to best advantage when no other answer can be given or no other answer is wished to be given. Is usually said approximately 4 times daily by everyone between the age of 12 and 35.
Parent:What do you want for tea?

Youth: meh.

Police Officer:What were you just doing with that weapon?

Youth: meh.

Youth 1(chav):lkjhg swfdh startin?

Youth 2(non-chav): meh.
by DivineR June 23, 2005
a verbal shrug, often occumpanied with no actions, most widly used online, but often in person.
wat u doin l8r?
by miss meep June 04, 2005
A lieral shrug derived from a Simpsons episode
How about it Bart, Lisa?
by samarium13 April 08, 2005
when someone asks a question and one replies with "meh" it's like. i don't care. or maybe upset.
"back to school soon."
" i know"
"mm yes"
"what's meh?"
"meh :( "
by beca April 07, 2005

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