The sound The Cheat makes.
<Strong Bad kicks The Cheat>
by Anonymous July 12, 2004
Meh is when the room is to quiet, and you need a random word to break the silence! Duh!
*silence in classroom* and you shout "...Meh!"
by Lady Lo June 15, 2004

1.A vocalization of the feeling of general indifference.


1.Feeling of unrest.
Dork: So, you wanna go out with me?
Hot Girl: Meh.
Dork: So is that a 'yes'?
Hot Girl: MEH!

Dork: Meh.
by Raken May 03, 2004
F*** off, i dont care
(eg, while playing video games)
-What do you want to do today?
by Bobby mcGee May 02, 2004
A)when there is not much else to say... you say Meh.

B)when you dont realy want to respond you can say meh
A)how was your day?
A)what do you think of my outfit
by joe brandt April 14, 2004
Shows you don't care about something, you're fed up or an alternative to shrugging.
A: How are you?
B: Meh
by ::Mute:: February 19, 2004
An evervescent expression outlining one's feelings in regard to interrogation. Can have shmeh added onto the end for extra emphasis.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Meh
How was your test? Meh Shmeh
by franz the pen January 26, 2004

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