A word invented AND copyrighted by Neil Klug. Shows unsureness or the idea of not really giving a shit.
"Wanna go hump a dog?" - "Meh..."

"Hey sexy! Wanna make out?" - "Meh..."

"Hey Neil, Wanna come over to my house?" - "Meh..." (That's a real one that me and Neil had)

by Michael Edwards October 24, 2004
a sound, more than a word.

meaning is along the lines of "i dunno" but for use after sentences which are not questions. occasionally used as "i dont care", but generally not meant offensively. can also be used as "i understand".

is a short variation of Mefmeh. (pronounced "Meff-Meh")
A: "she won't talk to me anymore"

B: "...meh"
by Ellee October 01, 2004
Meh is used for "nothing much" or "whatever".
A word used when lazy.
A: whats up?



A:I had a really good day! i asked out jessica and she sayd yes!

by suicide_JOE July 22, 2004
The sound The Cheat makes.
<Strong Bad kicks The Cheat>
by Anonymous July 12, 2004
Meh is when the room is to quiet, and you need a random word to break the silence! Duh!
*silence in classroom* and you shout "...Meh!"
by Lady Lo June 15, 2004

1.A vocalization of the feeling of general indifference.


1.Feeling of unrest.
Dork: So, you wanna go out with me?
Hot Girl: Meh.
Dork: So is that a 'yes'?
Hot Girl: MEH!

Dork: Meh.
by Raken May 03, 2004
F*** off, i dont care
(eg, while playing video games)
-What do you want to do today?
by Bobby mcGee May 02, 2004

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