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can be used when the question asked does not deserve a response or if you are 2 lazy to think of an answer or when u just dont care
"so, howsit goin?"
by axe2005 November 16, 2005
something verry verry sexy, such as the english
i am english and therefore sextatious because of my cute english accent and also just plainly because i am english
by axe2005 November 19, 2005
as the second definition implies, the sheep fuckers in the UK are just the welsh, the rest of the UK is embarised to be assotiated with the welsh and try to deny their existence
the welsh are sheep fuckers, the english are ashamed to be in the same continent as the welsh and try to deny their exsitance
by axe2005 November 18, 2005
a word used by people who think they are smart but dont actualy no what they are talking about and are trying to impress people who they think are not as smart as them
"look at that long suffix"
"thats not a suffix, thats a bridge"
"yeh...majour backfire there"
by axe2005 November 16, 2005
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