active, crazy, and loud... but lovable and loves her friends and will do anything for them
Even though Meghan is crazy, i still love her
by lovableme4 December 07, 2011
(N) An awesome person who likes reading. Good at keeping secrets and likes animals. Kind of socially awkward but in a good way.
(V) To chicken out and start awkwardly giggling.
(N) Please be a meghan and don't tell anyone my secret.
(V) I was planning on asking him out but I totally meghaned.
by nOmNoMnOm!!!!!!!!!!! June 12, 2011
The most amazingly beautiful person to ever set foot on the planet. Commonly a girl with a heart bigger than the Earth itself, yet likes to deny it, some one who is musically talented in more ways than one, they can sing, dance, preform and compose. A Meghan is hard to understand, usually they are considered to be a purple beast when it comes to having a great time in life. Meghans are easy to fall head over heels in love with and so hard to forget, you want to be with a Meghan no matter what once you meet one. Knowing a Meghan personally I can deeply express the love and devotion I feel for mine, I wana stand by her side forever and nothing will stop me. A Meghan, in simpler words, is perfection in the eyes of every person imaginable.
Only and angel can compare to Meghan
by May 08, 2011
The most beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, ahh-mazing, aye-mazing, uhh-mazing, way-ay-ay ah-ma-ma-zing, loving, caring, nice, dorky, weird, funny, fun, flawless, wonderful, cute, sexy, perfect girl in the entire universe.
gosh meghan
by agentzero000000000000000000000 August 15, 2008
Meghan has a good personality she alway Is their for you if you need her she is the best persons ever
by Huty November 29, 2014
An amazing girl. Usually a red-head that loves dance, music, the internet, and friends! A funny girl that does weird things at times, but is so smart and a character. However, Meghan's usually don't know they're beautiful. They are insecure, but no one knows what for. They think no one loves them, but everyone does! MEGHAN'S ARE PERFECT.
Girl 1: who is that beautiful girl?
Boy 1: that's Meghan! I love her so much, but she'll never notice me.
Girl 1: I wanna be her!
by Narrywifi March 09, 2014
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