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smart girl who knows what she wants in life . She can have bad days when she has to go to science class but most of the time she smiles . She is good in volleyball but hates voice thread
" Dang that girl is so pretty . She must be a Meghan."
by iAmBasedGod December 21, 2012
60 51
1) An AMAZING girl who will seem shy at first but once you get to know her, she will become your best friend! Meghan can also be a little socially awkward at times. She loves music, dance, food (especially chocolate!), and Animals. She is talented and kind of a techy nerd.

2) To be awkward.
Person 1: Who's your best friend?
Person 2: Meghan!

Person 1: Ah! I felt so awkward today in class!
Person 2: Now you and Meghan have something to talk about.
by yomamasmamasmama August 11, 2012
96 86
A crazy, obsessive and psychotic girl that seems really sweet and innocent until you really get to know her. She will try to ruin her life for eternity while claiming she misses you
Ex bf "Meghan needs to hop off his dick and move on with her life"
Meghan *appears randomly* "what?"
by JD17 June 12, 2014
4 0
The most amazingly beautiful person to ever set foot on the planet. Commonly a girl with a heart bigger than the Earth itself, yet likes to deny it, some one who is musically talented in more ways than one, they can sing, dance, preform and compose. A Meghan is hard to understand, usually they are considered to be a purple beast when it comes to having a great time in life. Meghans are easy to fall head over heels in love with and so hard to forget, you want to be with a Meghan no matter what once you meet one. Knowing a Meghan personally I can deeply express the love and devotion I feel for mine, I wana stand by her side forever and nothing will stop me. A Meghan, in simpler words, is perfection in the eyes of every person imaginable.
Only and angel can compare to Meghan
by j4joey062@aim.com May 08, 2011
310 315
An amazing girl. Usually a red-head that loves dance, music, the internet, and friends! A funny girl that does weird things at times, but is so smart and a character. However, Meghan's usually don't know they're beautiful. They are insecure, but no one knows what for. They think no one loves them, but everyone does! MEGHAN'S ARE PERFECT.
Girl 1: who is that beautiful girl?
Boy 1: that's Meghan! I love her so much, but she'll never notice me.
Girl 1: I wanna be her!
by Narrywifi March 09, 2014
13 19
A secksually desirable, hilarious woman of the pink race
What a Meghan!
by soda123 March 10, 2013
24 46
A tall female
Woah that girl is tall!
Yeah, what a Meghan!
by Person1417 February 14, 2014
2 37