Trade term used for an insulation test.
You looked at that motor?

Yeah I MEGGERED it and it seems to be alright.
by maddatta December 21, 2004
Top Definition
Meggers, also known as Megan, is the most amazing girl you'll ever come across in your entire lifetime. She's absolutely perfect, it's impossible to find a single flaw. If you're ever to come across her, you'd most likely die of awe. Some characteristics of her would be amazing, beautiful, smart, sweet, charming, lovable, funny, sarcastic, cute, heart-warming, pretty, adorable, and the list goes on. She's perfect in every way, she has a great sense of humor, charm that no one can resist, ideas that cannot be ignored, eyes that could light the night sky, the mind of a genius, heart of a lion, and the beauty of a goddess. She's the kind of girl you'd want to grow old with, and tell your children's children about. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, she's easily ranked ∞. She can put a smile on anyone's face, cast a spell on any guys heart, and cheer you up at the worst of times. You can tell her anything, rely on her to keep a promise, and know she'll be there when you need her most. As kindhearted as she may be, she can also fuck shit up. She's the last person yo'd want to lose, and definitely the girl of any guys dreams. When you talk to Megan second turn into minutes, as minutes turn to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, as weeks turn to months, and (if you're lucky) months turn to years. Anything and everything Meggers says is worth a thousand words. I could go on about her, but I won't, there is much to be said. I love you, Meggers <3. -Karan :$
Example 1:
Karan: Hey what's the difference between being Megan, and being perfect?
Person: What?
Karan: Nothing.

Example 2:
Karan: wat.

Example 3:
I don't know if this is an example, but I love Meggers <3.
by karanrunsshit March 06, 2012
drummer for the casualties hottest fucker ever.
meggers belongs to me
by nikki February 16, 2005
A term of endearment for a girl named Meghan. She may hate it but its so funny to call her it. It was created in October of 2011 when trying to give said Meghan a nickname and is often sung in a parody like song of the children's song, "BINGO". It can only be used when a girl is named MEGHAN, not MEGAN.
There was was a farmer who had a girl and Megger was her name-o! M-E-G G-E...R.

Hey, be quiet Megger!
by Noodle65 November 07, 2011
pretty god damned massive or very capacious see beaust
to the megger dome like!
by no September 10, 2003
Nick name for Meg, the coolest girl EVER who is best friends with MIM nick name for Em...they are going to BOMB ass schools and are HOT AS SHIT.
Meggers aka numba one stunna
by Emily January 18, 2004
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