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Boy racer :

Some Johnno/Deano who owns a shitty Nova, Corsa, Fiesta, Escort, Clio (the list goes on) or anything remotely shite and whacks aload of shitty max power freebie stickers (without actually owning any of the makes), driving like a cunt and generally being a tit end.

Not to be confused with a Modder or Tuner which actually put in the time and money to increase performance from their car substantialy and partipate in real, legal events.
Awww, did you see simmo in his sorted Nova last week? He put his new HKS and Blitz decals on his door, they look immense!

(Of course HKS and Blitz are a JAP tuning brand and you wont find them in a dirty lil Nova)
by maddatta November 20, 2004
Trade term used for an insulation test.
You looked at that motor?

Yeah I MEGGERED it and it seems to be alright.
by maddatta December 21, 2004

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