Something that is huge or really big, usually used as if something is really bad (because Megatron is the bad guy in Transformers)
Man, I had a megatron exam in math, and I'm sure I bombed it.

That guy is a megatron douche!
by Cerpin Taxxt October 28, 2006
the tiniest kid who makes a pretty big sound through his clarinet
hey,listen to megatron play, thatlittle kid's gotsome power
by jay22567 December 29, 2005
a mighty beast that small villages conviniently by pubs. often knocked down by tennants super or a rortise
theres a mighty megatron living in saltford, rasp him with tennants to knock the beast for 6
by poland June 12, 2003
robot version of jarv has a big ass rocket welded to his arm da baddest ruffest n meanest baddie of dem all
megatron da baddest bad guy of dem all
by Jarv April 21, 2005
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