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Similar in context to a high five (one palm meeting another producing a sound like a whip crack, this can be practiced alone assuming the reader has two hands but don't be mistaken this will generally be reffered to as a clap to most ney sayers. If for what ever reason you are limited o the use of only one hand why not try it out on inaniamate objects such as: 'wall' or 'cat'?)

Anyway herbal high is to be used when a high five is unsuccesful in that the two palms do not make contact too the extent that both partys making the five are content with, or the two hands miss all together. This will be reffered to as a 'herbal high' because the poor five suggests that those preforming the five are under the influence of herbal substences. If this is actually the case all the better but it is by no means an essential.
Upon the high five being miss judged the ffriends are to scream out 'herbal high!' perhaps acoumpanied by giggling and chorles from the rest of the peers. This phrse was desighned for the purpose of harmless Tom foolery and 'joshing' and in no cercomstances is to be used in a upsetting or emotionally crippling way.
by Thomas Blaxland August 07, 2006
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