A crazy ass bitch who will stop at nothing to get fucked up. A good friend, but also a good friend who is always willing to fuck some shit up. The girl who gets high before night class and brings fruit loops. The girl who almost quit lacrosse to go on spring break, because she wanted to fuck shit up so badly.
"Did you tron last night?"
"Oh shit, Megatron was out last night"
by thebabymaker January 23, 2013
Darren's Penis.
Wow, have you seen Darren's penis? It's a huge Megatron!!
by Fallicd_joe June 22, 2012
Leader of the Decepticons and arch-enemy of Optimus Prime. Looks like he could kick everyones' asses but never does because he's actually Optimus Prime's bitch.
People that Megatron could beat in a fight:
by Mat_el_sexy_band_geeek March 19, 2008
(adj.) is PRIMARILY used for describing the terms "badass," "the fucking shit," "insane," "mind blowing," etc.

Made famous by Australian Jason Ellis.
"Dude that beer pong shot was so fuckin MEGATRON."

by DayGlo Dax Drilling August 04, 2008
Based on the battle record of the evil Decepticon leader from 'Transformers', Megatron means to wreak havoc when able, but to turn tail and bitch out at the first sign of adversity.
A: "I own this map!"

B: "We're making a comeback!"

A: "Fuck, I quit!"

B: "Fucking Megatron."
by diabolicuss July 19, 2009
An obese female, usually capable of consuming large amounts of "energon" such as chips, pizza, hamburgers, etc. in a single sitting. Megatrons tend to be rather obnoxious or loud, often being heard over most talk in a room.
"Bro, I was trapped behind this megatron at Wendy's. She was so loud, I couldn't hear anybody else in the room!"
by hurr durr herp derp January 05, 2012
Nickname for Detroit Lions wide reciever Calvin Johnson. Has this nickname due to the fact he has huge hands that resemble a Decepticon.
Guy 1: What's the point of watching the Lions, you know they're gonna suck as usual.

Guy 2: Don't be so hasty on your decision, Megatron has been bringing on the TD's recently. They might actually make the playoffs this season.
by viva riolu October 20, 2011

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