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Ultimate fail, misdoing, fatal error, or all around badness.
-I tried to ask her out, but she walked away and hooked up with some random dude.
-what a megatron
by smiley808 September 07, 2010
6 80
Former members included Stella, Scarlett & Alexis, however most recently Castile decided it was time for Megatron to move on, he felt it would be best if the three girls left paving way for other actors e.g. Joe Batt & Rebecca Sims(Hangman)
Megatron Megatron Megatron!
by Castile March 15, 2011
1 77
Anal penetration, with no warning, no luracation, or condom.

origin; Holyoke Ma.
Don't make me megatron you!
by Clyde Harper February 08, 2009
14 92
(adj.) is PRIMARILY used for describing the terms "badass," "the fucking shit," "insane," "mind blowing," etc.

Made famous by Australian Jason Ellis.
"Dude that beer pong shot was so fuckin MEGATRON."

by DayGlo Dax Drilling August 04, 2008
7 85
Megatron is the street name for the legal high mephedrone, it's sold in many herbal high shops under many different names i.e shake and vac.
Let's do some Megatron
by Frogbox September 03, 2009
6 85
A big attention whore!
BITCH! Stop being such a megatron!!
by blaze lol April 09, 2009
6 86
Something that is huge or really big, usually used as if something is really bad (because Megatron is the bad guy in Transformers)
Man, I had a megatron exam in math, and I'm sure I bombed it.

That guy is a megatron douche!
by Cerpin Taxxt October 28, 2006
13 93