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Leader of the Autobot Transformers. He is wise, just, skilled and capable of transforming into a giant red truck and drivin' about. Died in Transformers: The Movie, but came back twice.
We should all try and be like Optimus Prime.
by Popcorn September 28, 2003
Leader of the Decepticon Transformers. Transforms into a Walther pistol, but rarely actually does so in the TV series on account of this being a particularly useless thing to transform into. A psychotic, maniacal genius, Megatron is pure of evil and huge of gun.
"Megatron: sort of like Darth Vader, but simultaneously not."
by Popcorn December 01, 2003
That which your mother smells of.
"Your mum smells of wee."
by Popcorn August 25, 2003

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