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An unexpected erection.
"I was driving to the store for some eggs and all of a sudden i got a meercat!"
by unpredictibubble November 07, 2011
The name of the posture taken on by you or a friend when trying to check out a girl. You stretch your neck and keep your back straight and look each way until you see her. Thus taking the posture of a Meer Cat
Dude, Meer Cat that bitch in jack in the box, SHES FUCKIN HOT
by noleybear January 20, 2009
desperate for a crap
The meercat is sticking his head out
by larry lepper head January 19, 2009
origin: Karl's Mum
also known as Tim-Own
an affinity for Other Persons Mothers (A.K.A. OPM)
Enjoys recreational activities such as rectum tunneling avec un thimble
and consuming Preserved Echinoderms (Crystalised Starfish)
Common greeting: Yo James, Mudder Fukker!
Team Broom feat. James includes the legendary Meercat known only in the tightest circles as Timown
by broom February 08, 2005