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Amazing, beautiful, the most wondrous thing ever. It describes every mothafukin thing that is good in the world
Damn, the Taj Mahal is so medha
by goddess3460 January 28, 2009
one who is too intelligent and smart.

very caring, and can never hurt a single soul.
fun to be around with, and a trustworthy person.
a crazy best friend, who laughs all the time.
a must-have friend.
if you don't know any medha, you are probably missing out on one of the best things in life!
crazy best awesome laugh intelligent smart friend
i just found my medha! wow i'm so lucky.!!
by smiley10497 June 22, 2013
A whiney girl who grubs for every point she can get! keep on whinin!
Meeeeeeeedhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeeeeeedhaaaaaaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedhaaaaaaaaaaaa
by colleen January 27, 2004