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Wonderful, Very intimidating woman. Big boobs, nice butt, curves. Tall, blonde, breen(hazel) eyes. Has crazy sexy feet. Amazing kisser. Will not be judged. Drives like a crazy old lady with no eye sight. Hides mexicans in the trunk. Great painter. Carries gun (loaded) Can get any man she wants (married or not)Very witty. People dont want to get in arguments with her.
Is an amazing singer and thinks she is a ninja

(actually often THINKS she is intimidating, but is about as scary as a box of kittens)
Person 1: Last time I heard that I almost fell off my dinosaur.
Person 2: Oh yeah? Last time I heard that I DID fall off my dinosaur!
Person 1: You got that from a Mechelle, didn't you?
Person 2: Hell yeah! They have the best come backs EVA!
by Brunetteblondes September 11, 2010
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