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1: The place where heroes are all good and villains are all bad; where super-villains exist and will do anything, even start wars that kill thousands or millions of innocents, just to gain a few bucks they don't need (or some other useless end).

The place where everything that the good guys say and do is good and everything the bad guys say and do is bad; where what makes the the good guys good and the bad guys bad is just that they *are* the good guys or the bad guys; and questions about what makes them so are never asked.

2: A vastly simplified and/or idealized model of reality.

3: The universe that radical left-wingers lives in.
Bill: "So Joe, are you going to vote for McCain or Obama?"

Joe: "Huh? McCain is a Republican. All Republicans are evil, stupid, and in the pocket of big business."

Bill: "Well, both McCain and Obama have very similar policies. I don't see much of a difference."

Joe: "McCain is a Republican."

Bill: "Ahh... right. Well, ok, Joe, I've got to ahhh....ummmm....wash my hair. So you go back home to the Cartoon Universe and have a really smiley-face day? OK? buh-bye."
by lafinatu February 21, 2009
1: A Democratic Candidate for high office who has transcended the normal expectations that political candidates inspire, and has joined the ranks of those rare souls who singlehandedly change the fate of their people, such as Ghandi or (since we're firmly in the cartoon universe here) Fidel Castro.

Saviors have all the answers, can do no wrong, are pure of heart, brilliantly intelligent, and morally incorruptible. They have the brains of the scarecrow, the compassion of the tin man, the courage of the cowardly lion, and the purity of Dorothy.

Democratic Candidates fall into one of two categories: Saviors or Mechanics.
"Barak Obama is a classic example of a 'Savior'. His followers don't seem him as a politician at all, but as someone who is going to usher in a bright new day, who is going fix all of society's problems, and unify all contentious factions. He himself is brilliant and a moral exemplar of all that is good about humanity."
by lafinatu February 21, 2009
1: A Democratic Party politician who thinks that the path to power within the party comes from 'playing the game' with the powers that be; of giving and securing favors, and building a network based on mutual self-interest within the ranks. Mechanics are experts at working the system which they are a part of and believe in. To a mechanic, voters are only ciphers who must be made, somehow, to support the party and the party's candidates.

Mechanics love and want power for power's sake. For them words are a means of manipulation, not communication.
"Before Barak Obama showed up, Hilary Clinton, the quintessential Mechanic, thought she had the nomination sewn up. She had cashed in all her markers, collected on all favors owed her, bribed with promises of power all influential people in the party, and thought she had greased the skids all the way to the White House. Unfortunately for her, a good Savior beats a good Mechanic every time, no matter how well the Mechanic has wired the system."
by lafinatu February 21, 2009

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