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One of the elitest ao-hackers during the period of 1995 - 2001. Wrote meca5a.bas and many other aol exploits
joe meca is teh pwnt.
#meca #meca5a.bas #ytcracker #aol #progz #joe meca
by Jizah Mizeck December 29, 2005
Wall Street Tycoon who pimps it on the regular. Known by the motto "I dun luh deez ho's." Anyone that makes it a point to pimp the ladies, make the paper and live it up.
I'm trying to get meca in this piece.
#pimp #playa #balla #mecca #dg
by SilentAssassin December 29, 2005
The biggest, best thing. The most mega.
"This fricking English report is a meca."
by K. Mhettos October 11, 2004
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